How to List A Tour:

  1. Go to your dashboard and click on My Tours on the left side of your Dashboard and then click “Add a Tour”
  2. Basic Info: Add your Tour Name and the description then click continue.
List a Tour on My Private Tour Guide

Tour Info:

Here you have to add:

  • Tour Categories: Choose the Tour Category
  • Languages: Choose the languages that are available for this tour.
  • Tour Type: If the tour is a daily tour or it is on specific dates
  • Duration: This the tour duration. For example 8 hours, 3 days or 2 days and 1 night…etc
  • Booking Period: This means the deadline that the traveler can book this tour. For example, if you mention 2 (means 2 days) then this means that the traveler cannot book the tour 48 hours or less before the departure date. But the Traveler can book the tour49 hours or earlier.
  • Booking options: Instant booking: Travelers can book the tour without the tour guide confirmation, Enquire booking: Travelers send an inquiry then the tour guide must confirm the date. Instant Booking and Enquire: The Traveler can book the tour and customize it if they wish.
  • Tour Included: Mention what is included in the tour price
  • Tour Excluded: Mention what is excluded in the tour price
  • Tour Highlight: Mention the tour Highlights as what they are going to see, participate, names of the attractions included …etc
  • Tour FAQ (Optional): You can add any question/answers which you think that the Travelers can ask, as When I can cancel the tour without cancellation fees? A: Write the number of the dats. Another question: Is this tour suitable for children? A: No or Yes.
  • Tour Program: Here you can write the tour by details (Schedule of the tour: Meeting at 8:00 am….etc) or describe each attraction included in the tour with some words.
List a Tour on My Private Tour Guide
List a Tour on My Private Tour Guide


Here you have to add:

  • Tour Price: You can add the tour Price in 3 options: A fixed price, By Person or Fixed Departure. You can also hide the prices of children ( 7-18 years old) / Infant (kids): (0-6 years old)
  • Discounts: You can add a discount for Adults or children (7-18 years old).
  • Extra: If there is any extra which can be included or you can offer on this tour.
  • Discount Rate: You can make a discount for your tours by percent or just a fixed price.
  • Sale Schedule: If you want to make any sale/discount for any tours on specific dates or during the low season or your availability, you can mention the dates.
  • Allow Cancellation of the tour: If you mention Yes, then you have to mention the Number of days before the arrival (or the start of the tour). So if you mention let’s say 30 then the traveler can cancel the tour 30 days before the departure or earlier. And he will get the full refund, if the traveler cancels the tour in less than 30 days then the refund will be according to the percentage that you mention. For example, if you mention 80, then the refund will be 80% of the total price.
  • And If you mention NO for Allow cancellation, then the traveler cannot cancel the tour until he contacts us and then we will contact you to check your cancellation policy.
List a Tour on My Private Tour Guide
List a Tour on My Private Tour Guide


Note: This section you will see it only after we review your tour and publish it. Here you have to add the tour availability and you have 2 options to do it:

Option #1: Check-in & Check-out

You can mention from which date the tour is available (Check-in) until when it is available (Check-out), then you add the price of the tour (Adult Price) if you want you can also add when the tour start (StartTime) and then click UPDATE. 

You can also Sync Your Calendar as Google Calendar  or any (ICal) to block these dates if you are not available.

List a Tour on My Private Tour Guide
List a Tour on My Private Tour Guide

Option #2: Bulk Edit

This option is very useful in case the tour is not available on certain dates, months, or days. For example, most museums are closed on Mondays so you can just check all the days of the week except Mondays. Then you can check the months and years, mention the price if it is a Basic (Fixed) price or different per adults and per children. Then click Save, it will take a few second to update the calendar.

List a Tour on My Private Tour Guide
List a Tour on My Private Tour Guide

If you have any question or comment you can check FAQs or you can email us , we will be more than happy to help.