FAQs for Travelers & Partners (Tour Guides)

For Traveler

What service does MyPriverTourGuide provide?
We provide professional, licensed, and passionate tour guides. Various tours that can cater to your interests are also available on the website. Or you can even customize your own itinerary and have the tour of your dream.
I need a private tour, what should I do?!
You've come to the right place! Most of the tours that are published on our website are private tours.
How do I book a tour?
It is to easy! 1. Write the destination that you would like to visit under "Where are you going" 2. You will see many tour options 3. Compare, refine and choose the one that you would like to book 4. Click on "Book Now" and provide with your information details 4. After you make the payment, you will get a confirmation email
How do I know if a guide accepted my booking request or not?
You will receive e-mail when status is updated.
What is your cancellation policy?
Please see the cancellation/refunds policy on our website on "Terms & Conditions" page.
How to ensure a safe and secure experience while on-tour?
Since all travel involves an element of risk, MyPrivateTourGuide.com highly recommend its travelers to have travel insurance in advance.
Is my money safe when I pay?
Yes, we are cooperating with PayPal or EC Pay, so your money will be safe with our payment system.
How do I know if my payment is complete?
After you paid, you will receive an confirmation e-mail.
Can I change the date or time of my reservation after paid?
Yes of course you can, but please confirm with your tour guide first before you change it.
What happens if a guide didn’t show up?
Please contact MyPrivateTourGuide team and we will send you another tour guide or refund of your pay.

For Hosts (Tour Guides)

How to become a Tour Guide?
Please click “Become a Partner” button and follow the process to complete apply as a guide, we will processed your account if you are qualify.
Why I need to fill in my basic information and upload qualifications?
Basic information is for Travel Insurance and uploading qualification is to ensure the professionalism of the tour guides.
Do I have to use real information including name, phone number, photo, qualification and so on?
Yes, it is recommended to use your real information (as your name and your phone number so we can contact you if needed). Please note that you don't need to upload your Passport/ID or any other document to your profile, not even your bank account details/PayPal . We will only ask you for these details after you get a confirmed tour.
How much does cost to post a tour?
Posting a tour on MyPrivateTourGuide is free of charge, you will be charged 10% of the tour price of the confirmed tours.
How can I contact with a traveler?
You are not able to contact to tourist before they book, but you can communicate via our chat function.
Do I have to respond to every message from travelers?
We highly suggest that you better reply any message if you can.
Can I edit my tour after it has been published?
Yes, you can edit whenever you want, but please make sure that all adjust are similar as first vision.
What happens if a traveler didn’t show up?
Please contact to our support team, we will help you out.
How do I know if a traveler confirmed a tour or not?
You will get an email to know latest status.
How can I receive the payment?
You will get your payment through third party, PayPal or bank transfer, after the tour is confirmed. If the payout is via bank transfer then it will take 3-5 working days to show on your bank account.
When do I receive the payment of the confirmed tour?
MyPrivateTourGuide.com allows the tour guides to get paid when the tour is confirmed. We Charge only 10% of the total price of the confirmed tour, and the rest 90% will be sent to you excluding the transfers fees if any. So in this case the tour guides will be protected from any last minute cancellation.
How to let the travelers to know about my cancellation fees or policy?
When you list any of your tours, please be sure to add FAQs and mention about your cancellation fees and policy. For example, you can add: Question: What is my cancellation policy? Answer: You can cancel the tour without any cancellation fees 20 days before the departure, otherwise my cancellation fees is the following ......etc Also, please read "How To List A Tour" where you will find the description about the cancelation and refunds.
Can I cancel a confirmed tour?
Tour guides are not able to cancel the tour if tourist booked, but if very urgent, please contact our support team to cancel or pass the tour to other tour guide.
What happens if I didn’t show up?
You will get negative comments; also not allow using platform for 6 months, and you will not get the payment from the tour you missed.
What happens if a traveler cancels the tour?
We will inform you once we get cancel inform, and you will get limited percentage as compensation according to the cancellation policy.

You may also need to read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.