The West Bank of Luxor


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    I am an English speaking tour guide and Egyptology.I was born and raised in Luxor,Egypt and I am passionate about sharing my hometown with visitors.I work primarily in Luxor and Upper Egypt,but I also travel throughout Egypt.I believe that the best sites in Egypt are right here in Luxor,and love to share the history and culture of my country.I have worked for many international tour companies.I am a licensed tour guide and I enjoy working as a tour guide.I enjoy meeting new people but also it is excited for me to connect with Egyptian archeology and connect with civilization,show the real life in Egypt,and share others with my experience.I believe the tour guide isn't a recorder but an excellent tour Guide is like an actor - he sends a message through a way of creation.I can arrange tailor-made trips for groups or individuals based on your own interests and budget.I travel with my guests whenever possible.If another guide is necessary,I refer only to guides with similar credentials and excellent standards.

    Luxor Egypt

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          The West Bank of Luxor

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